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Thank you for being part of our Highland City community!

I am running for Highland City Council to serve you.  As a former State Delegate, I understand the importance of local government.  I understand the importance of working together, communicating, and listening. Because I have experience leading operations for healthcare systems as well as a tech company I have a solid understanding of financial operations, people and resource management, and strategic planning. I will contribute as a member of the Highland Council to build and maintain a community that best serves its people. More information can be found on my 'About' and 'Highland City Topics' pages. Don't forget to vote!


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Christopher Kemp

 I have found Sarah to be well informed on the issues facing Highland City. She genuinely wants to make Highland the best possible place for all to live, keep us safe and uphold our values. That is why I am supporting Sarah Petersen for city council.

Republican Women of Utah

Sarah Petersen is a fantastic candidate running for Highland City Council. Sarah is an advocate for fiscal responsibility, responsible growth, and water conservation. Her experience and passion make her uniquely qualified for this position.

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Boyd, Draper

I endorse Sarah Petersen for Highland City Council for the following reasons:

  • Sarah is a fiscal conservative who will look after the City’s revenue and will work with others to manage properly and only spend prudently.

  • Sarah knows how to work hard and smart and will spend the time needed to understand citizen’s concerns and works with others to address them.

  • Sarah will work to understand the City’s infrastructure needs and will work with others to address the needs to upgrade and improve them.

  • Sarah will work to understand the City’s water and sewer needs and will work with others to preserve and expand them for future needs.

  • Sarah has a strong focus on family and will work to preserve and enhance the City’s parks and recreation facilities for family use. 

  • Sarah loves living in Highland with her family and enjoys serving and helping others along the way.


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